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When are you open for public play?

We are open 7 days a week for public play, typically open until 8 pm Mon-Sat & until 6 pm on Sundays. Some exceptions do occur, so please refer to the admissions page for more updated information.

Do you allow outside food?

We do allow for one water bottle per person, coffee and/or baby food.
We do not allow any outside food unless it is part of a party booking.

Food allowed for party bookings include: veggie platters, fruit platters, chips/popcorn (but please no cheese puffs/cheezies), and cake/cupcakes. Any other foods must be agreed upon before permitted entry. Please consult management if you require an exception as to avoid disappointment. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Do you have any attire/clothing restrictions?

We do have a few restrictions when considering attire:
Please refrain from wearing bedazzled clothing, as it may damage some equipment.

Shoes are not permitted in the playground area, so please have socks on at all times (adults included). Bare feet are not permitted due to health code restrictions. Socks are available for purchase if needed.

Please try to avoid anything around children’s necks, as it may get caught on equipment and pose a choking hazard.

Please refrain from using any types of pins, unless magnets, as they are unsafe for everyone including the wearer. We strictly enforce this rule as it's potential for injury is high.

Jewelry is best not worn by participants as it has a tendency to get lost/broken during play and we can not promise recovery/safety of these items. Best practice is to remove them during your visit!

Rightly so, we do not tolerate obscene, profane and/or inappropriately labelled/decorated clothing, please keep in mind our family friendly environment when considering guest attire.

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