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Opening on Aug 13, 2020 


Covid-19 Update:

Jungle Hut will be opening on Aug 13 to resume drop-in play and party bookings.

Some features will remain unavailable or altered in order to comply with Covid Saftey standards.

Party bookings will be limited to number of allowed guests and will be updated accordingly.

Bookings can still be made online as this has been updated.

Thank you for your support and the many calls and emails with best wishes, thank you!!


Thank you all for your patience!

Gift Cards Available!

Gift Cards are available for this Christmas Season!

In-Store Purchase $25 up 



3 levels of fun, fun, fun!


Jump til you can't jump no more!

Virtual Reality

As if reality was not enough!

Bamboo Bistro

Hungry Yet?


Hockey Simulator

Test your skill, got what it takes light it up!

Golf Simulators

Enhance your game, top of the line hardware on par with E6 software for the ultimate experience! 

Soccer Simulators

Step on to the pitch and let it rip, GOAL!!

Game Simulators

Zombie Attack! Can you withstand the onslaught? Hint: move fast!!

Playground Drop-in play: Tues-Sun 11-5

Golf Simulators: 9am- 9pm (Call to book Tee Time)

VR Arcade: 9-9 (Call to book a time slot)


Main Entrance and Parking are at the Rear of the building

(289) 439-6780

2289 Barton St E #8, Hamilton, ON

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